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Unconditional LOVE! The Stove Repair Guy

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Unconditional LOVE

Charla Anderson


Unconditional Love…  What does that mean?  Who can do that?  Have you ever experienced it?  Do you know how?  I’m not talking about just loving your baby or your puppy unconditionally, and would give your life for them.  I’m talking about Everyone, because who You are and who I am is Loved by God: completely, unconditionally Loved.  Without reservation.  Without condition.  Without judgment!  There is nothing you can do or I can do to be Loved more, or less, by God.  Nothing!  The post Unconditional LOVE-The Stove Repair Guy, appeared first on  If He is just Love, then He can’t be anything else, and He can’t see you as anything else.


Ultimately, since God lives in us, then we have that capacity as well.  Imagine what it would be like to feel unconditional Love?  What would it feel like to give unconditional Love?  Do You know what that means?  It means without judgment.  It means no strings attached.  It means that no matter what, You can send Love.  I’m not saying, actually, that that means you need to stay in situations that are not safe or you don’t feel Loved at all.  Of course, You always have boundaries.


What if every time you thought of someone, you were able to send them Love?  The person that has offended you the most; that has hurt you the most?  What if you could just send them Love when you thought of them?  Do you know that that gives you Freedom?  It’s complete Freedom when you can release and let go and just Love and, just so you know, the harder someone is to Love, the more they need it.


Unconditional Love is… well, we don’t know how to do it!  I have a little diagram and it’s when you can Love God and then Love yourself, and then Love others, which means without strings, with NO judgment, it’s unconditional Love that gives us Freedom; complete Peace and Freedom.  So often, we don’t understand or know how to do that.  Right?  It begins with Gratitude.  It’s got to begin with Gratitude.  In everything, give thanks!  Be thankful for ALL things.  Then it requires Forgiveness and so often we need to remember to Forgive ourselves for forgetting WHO WE ARE; that we are powerful beyond measure, that we can do ALL things.  That we have the capacity to do all things and even more than even Jesus did.


We have that capacity.  It always begins with Gratitude and it certainly requires Forgiveness:  of God, of Ourselves, and of others, but primarily that we Forgive ourselves for forgetting who we are.  Wow.  What does that mean?  How do we do that in action?


I’m going to tell a little story about my stove repair guy that came to fix my stove recently, and I’m engaging, right?  So as we’re talking, and he just gets excited and agitated about all the things happening on TV! and the government! and politics! and the police! and all the nah, nah, nah, nah.  Whoa!  He was an angry, friendly, but angry man.  Along the way, he mentions that he has no friends, that he lives in a single trailer, and he is a loner, a recluse.  By the way, he did say he had two friends but they were with a con artist, and that he would never let be taken advantage of again!  His way was to just close-in and yell at a television.  He had a lot of great ideas, but nobody knew about them other than the space inside his trailer…


I chose to ask him, “What if you send them Love?”  He couldn’t understand that. “What???”  I said, “Really. How’s it working for you to be sending hatred and revenge or whatever you’re sending?  Is that giving you peace?”  I then “spoke” into his life and into his eyes, and I said, “I want to tell you WHO YOU ARE.  I want to tell you that you have everything inside of you to be all you’re called to Be, to be everything you need to be, and…  you may not be able to change that world, but you can change Your world.  You can step outside of here and pick up some trash, or take a cup of coffee to a neighbor, and begin seeing people through the eyes of Love.” What a difference that can make.


I said, “Here’s the Forgiveness opportunity.” I wrote something and I call it the Forgiveness response and I did what I did and I didn’t do what I didn’t do. I did all that I need to do with what I knew at the time, just like you did and are doing in your life right now. I Love you. What if we could just send that and say that. We’ll go into Forgiveness at another time, but what if we could just say, “I did what I did and I didn’t do what I didn’t do and that’s all I need to do, just like you are, and I’m just sending you Love.” Ultimately, and I did mention this to him as well, ultimately that person that you’re angry with is just a hurt 5-year-old child building everything from that moment of hurt that I will never let that happen to me again.


That’s your opportunity to send unconditional Love and release it for yourself. My stove repair guy said, “I will never forget you.” Then we stepped outside and he was leaving and I said, “Do you mind if I give you a hug?” He said, “This is the first hug I’ve had in five years.” Wow. People are starving. It’s our opportunity to touch someone, send some Love. Please understand that that’s who you are and you have that capacity. It’s critical. It’s of critical importance. I do have an exercise about the Forgiveness response that will help you or your team who needs a speaker or a coach. I will be willing to share that in a group setting or personally. It’s very brief, very simple.


Remember to always choose joy and that you are blessed. I Love YOU, unconditionally.



Time to Share ~ First Blog, probably TMI!

POSTED ON June 17th  - POSTED IN Journeys, Practical Living, Unconditional Love

Time to Share ~ (First Blog, probably TMI, lol!)

     After years of expecting to & procrastinating from writing, speaking, blogging, sharing, etc…  I have now committed to actually do it.  At this point in my life (and I know in yours as well) my decades of life experiences are full of stories that may give encouragement, hope, courage, laughter, Joy, and a bit of Wisdom, to name a few benefits of my sharing with you now.  Where-oh-where do I begin?  I’ve narrowed down my life into three categories in order to create a bit of structure and focus: 
  • Unconditional LOVE     All we need is Love, Love… Love is ALL we need!  HOW DO WE DO THAT?
  • Journeys     Encouraging You thru the Sweet Spot of Life.  Wherever YOU are is the Sweet Spot! 
  • Practical Living     SO MANY helpful hints, tips, opportunities, blessings, stories.  OMG!  Just wait! 
     Since I am just beginning, I WELCOME your comments, thoughts, ideas, and most of all, your encouragement & support.  That requires some engagement on your part.  It will be fun to learn about YOU and your responses to these musings.  My intention is to be there with you and for you as we journey through these unsteady times together, and Awaken to new ideas and possibilities for our lives, and for our world. 
     A very brief history of Charla, and how my experiences of life may serve you, interest you, inspire you: 
  • Born in Houston, Texas Nov 30, 1953.  (They called me ‘The Love Child’)
  • Parents divorced when I was 6 years old.  (I was Daddy’s girl!)
  • Two sisters 10 & 9 years older, One 4 years younger.  (She knocked me off my pedestal!)
  • Average kid; braces, glasses, clueless…
  • Mom re-marries as I enter high school.
  • First job as a gift wrapper at Weiner’s Dept Store; Worked in the Computer room at Houston Lighting & Power.
  • Graduated from Spring Branch Sr High in 1972.
  • Lived one year in Moody Towers at University of Houston, for the ‘college’ experience.  (I was going to be a preacher’s wife with a picket fence). 
  • Moved into the Single’s Building at Westgate Apartments at age 19, becoming the Leasing Agent & Social Director.  Wow! 
  • Became a Delta Air Lines ‘Stewardess’ in Sept of 1974.  Based in Chicago for one year, lived at 21 E Chestnut, a ‘stew-zoo’.
  • Got married in Oct 1975, transferred back to Houston.
  • Had a stillborn baby, Sara, Valentine’s Day 1981.
  • Three beautiful children in ’83, ’86, ’89.  Two sons and a daughter.
  • Divorced in 1993.
  • Remarried in 1994, adding 3 more children to the mix, and moved to Fort Worth.
  • Award winning Flight Attendant, Delta ‘Chairman’s Club in ’04, carried the Olympic Torch for the ’02 Salt Lake City games.    Olympic Torch


  • ONE SPLIT SECOND of transformation from bitterness to JOY early in ’07, due to a weekend at Landmark Education.


  • Retired from my ‘perfect’ job in 2008 after 34 years.    



  • Moved into my dream place, Texas & Pacific Lofts, in 2010.
  • Moved into my small sweet house in 2012.
  • Divorce final in Jan, 2013.
  • Began The CharlaA Show in Sept 2013.


  • Ziglar Legacy Certified in Nov 2014. 
  • Unbelievable Miracles, Blessings, Challenges, Heartaches, did I say MIRACLES?  A life-long Spiritual Awakening; one crazy Journey! 

  • The REST of the Story…..
     That list is really more for me than for you.  It gives me a starting point to work from.  Where do I begin?  The JOURNEY, the PEOPLE, the PLACES, the EXPERIENCES!  Oh, my!  Oh, my Goodness!  Hang on!  And PLEASE let me hear from YOU…..

Delayed Flight, Spilled Wine or Coffee, Extra Night….

POSTED ON April 1st  - POSTED IN Journeys, Practical Living


Besides the wonderful COMFORT BAG discussed earlier, essentials to have on board when you travel:

  • A spare outfit
  • Spare underwear
  • Medications
  • Basic Toiletries
  • Wash cloth or towelettes
  • Phone charger
  • Tissues
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Flashlight

I like to carry a large soft bag that can be stuffed with one more thing. Of course, a rolling carry-on bag that this soft bag can be hung on is a great idea. The checked bag should pull the carry-on bag (both with wheels), with the soft bag slung over the top.

Do you really need a big purse? Have a small purse or fanny pouch that can be stuffed in that soft bag for boarding the plane with the 2 bag limit… purses count as one, no matter the size.

Always try to wear clothing with a pocket. Your ID and ticket and cell phone need to be very handy without having to dig in deep somewhere, then dropped and lost, heaven forbid. Personally, I think ALL clothing should have at least one pocket.

Another MAJOR TIP: Put your name on EVERYTHING! Get address labels and stick on everything you can think of. ESPECIALLY your cell phone. If a Good Samaritan finds it, they can page you much faster right then and there. Even put a sticker on your chargers, so when you leave it plugged in at the hotel…..

Write your name in sweaters, jackets, shawls, pillow, etc….

Put any liquids and creams in plastic bags…. don’t take a chance on leakage. Even electronics. You can never have too many plastic bags.

If you want lock your luggage, be sure it is a TSA accepted lock.

Have identification both inside and outside of your luggage. And be sure to have copies of your passport, driver’s license, etc, in a couple of locations, as well as to leave accessible with someone at home.

Other ideas: Small umbrella, tiny raincoat (disposable?), shower shoes, heating coil and instant coffee, band aids, converters/adapters, alarm clock, extra flat bag (shopping?), hat, passport pouch.

And, it is always a good idea to have a piece of ID, money and credit cards in two or three pocket… spread the wealth, so all is not lost to thieves. You too, guys. It only takes a second to slice the wallet out of your back pocket.

Don’t forget that only a quart size bag of the various liquids and gels 3.4oz or less is allowed through security.

Bon Voyage………. Happy Trails……… Safe Travels……… Enjoy!         AND, BE PREPARED!

Imagine you are on a 10 hour flight, center seat, no reading light…

POSTED ON April 1st  - POSTED IN Journeys, Practical Living

Be prepared.  Take a “COMFORT BAG”:

Imagine that you are in the center seat of 5, can’t see the movie screen, your reading light is burned out, it is freezing, or hot, everyone else is asleep, you are thirsty and you haven’t been able to catch the flight attendants eye in the dark cabin…… your worst nightmareBe prepared. Other than the inevitable trip to the lav, be prepared.

•    Your own small pillow.
•    A Pashmina (shawl) for a blanket, doubles as a spare wrap for the trip.
•    Sweater.
•    Ear plugs.
•    Eye Mask.
•    Personal cup or bottle (Empty thru security).
•    Perhaps an iPod, for personal listening.
•    Reading light.
•    Books/reading material.
•    Socks, or booties.  >>>See PPS below!
•    Paper and pen.  >>>See PS below!
•    Snacks.
•    Lotion.
•    Toothbrush/paste.
•    Cough drops or mints.
•    Afrin or nose spray in case of blocked ears.
•    Tylenol, aspirin, etc. in case of headache.
•    Plastic bags in case the barf bag is missing or used ;~}, or for trash, etc.
•    Benadryl? In case you can’t sleep?
•    Battery powered fan?
•    Small packets of Salt to put under your tongue in case of leg cramps.
•    Small packets of Pepper to add to Bloody Mary’s.

Create your nest.

It looks like a lot, but not really. Most items are very small. Could be a lifesaver. Remember, flight attendants are not your mother, or nurse.

>>>  Gentlemen, ALWAYS have a writing instrument handy. You too ladies.  There are forms to fill out, notes to jot, numbers to share, dreams and ideas to capture… BRING A PEN!!!  (Small notepad, too.)

>>> NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER go to the lavatory in your bare feet. NEVER!

>>> Please clean up your seating area prior to deplaning, especially the seat pockets. Bag your trash. Be considerate of others… Somebody has to clean up. Besides, you will find that lost cell phone, pen, ticket, sweater, etc. and save yourself lots of stress.


Charla A

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