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When Intriguing Opportunities Present Themselves, Say YES!

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Say YES to Intentional Significance!

A Journey from Confusion to Confidence.

Bitterness to JOY!

Chaos to Intentional Significance! 

Presented by: Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

The YES Lady ~ Charla Anderson

5 Weeks of Encouraging Workshops on Thursdays

July 21st – August 21st, 2016, 3:00 pm~5:00pm

July 21st    All You Need is LOVE!

July 28th  What About Forgiveness?

August 4th  YOU Are Perfect!?!

August 11th  It’s Only Words!

August 21st  I Have A Choice?  REALLY???

At Buffalo West Restaurant

7101 Camp Bowie West

Fort Worth, TX 76116

Includes some of the Exclusive Ziglar Legacy Curriculum, AND Charla’s Personal Touch of Encouragement for YOUR Life, Business & JOY!

AND SO MUCH MORE. including Gifts & Surprises, Resources & Special Guests!  

EARLY Registration:  $250 for all 5 Sessions, pre-paid.  AT the Door:  $55 per week= $275 FREE Resources & Surprises!

OR Come for FREE & Pay at the END the Value YOU Received! Feedback Requested.


Click the ‘Donation’ box at the bottom of my pages. Please enter ‘Significance’ in comments.  Cash/Check/PayPal.  Don’t allow money to stop you!  Call me!  Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way!

817-808-7703          Charla@CharlaA.com


This is a portion of my 2nd Toastmasters speech this week.  It includes an invitation to the ‘Say YES to Intentional Significance’ Workshop Series.

Y.E.S. Conference logo

When intriguing opportunities present themselves, say YES!

 Join an amazing team of people Divinely connected,

For Such A Time As This!


 NEXT EVENT:  April 1st & 3rd, Arlington, Texas
YES Conference Gathering in Sundance Square

YES Conference Gathering in Sundance Square

Y.E.S. Conference group photo

Y.E.S. Conference 2016


What does it mean, Unconditonal LOVE? HOW can we Do It? How can we BE it? Loving without judgement? Is it possible? Do we Deserve it? Doesn’t it mean NO STRINGS ATTACHED? Would indescribable FREEDOM be the result? What do we have to give up to LOVE Unconditionally?
Y.E.S. Conference THIS WEEKEND! FREE. Join us!
When Intriguing Opportunities Present Themselves, Say YES!!!


Sunday, April 3, 2016, NOON-4 at the Hilton Arlington, Delta Room


  • Those that come are Divinely guided and covered
  • The ‘FEEL’ is complete Peace and Unconditional Love
  • The messages are clear and clearly received
  • There is Healing and Joy
  • FUN! 

Sunday’s (general yet loose 😉 AGENDA:

NOON   Sign in, nametags, door prize tickets, etc.

12:15-12:30   Meet, gather, hug & howdy, puzzle, etc

12:45-1:15   Call with Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family

1:15   Charla Anderson – LOVE ~ Unconditional Love is ALL WE Need!

2:00   Bob Dahdaleh – VISION ~ Clearing Spaces:  Change your space, change your Life.

2:30   Celeste Howey – RESTORATION ~ Clearing interferences with Sacred Fire Decrees.

3:00   Dr. Victoria Le – PEACE ~ Peace & Joy of the World Cultural Event, direct from India.

3:30   Guided Meditation for MANIFESTING Freedom, Prosperity & Peace.

3:45   Charla – Wrap Up.

4:00   So long for now….. ‘til we meet again! 


Friday, April 1, 2016, 4-10pm at the Hilton Arlington, Lobby Bar & Patio: 

Casual Community Gathering for FUN and Connections!

On Friday, April 1st:

If you are in the DFW area for Dave’s workshop, or wanting to be in the community of the DFW area Y.E.S. Conference folks, we will be gathering in the Hilton Arlington  lobby bar & patio for casual connections & conversation, fun & friends.  PLEASE JOIN US 4pm-until… and bring friends. 


Y.E.S. Conference Gathering 2016

Y.E.S. Conference Karen Mahoney, Michael Bennett, Charla

Y.E.S. Conference Gathering 2016, Karen Mahoney, Michael Bennett, CharlaA

On Sunday, Apr 3rd:

NOON-4, We are again gathering for a time of learning & sharing & encouragement & FUN!  For everyone’s convenience, We will meet in a conference room in the same hotel.  As the exciting agenda is forthcoming next week, please refer back to this site & join our Facebook YES Conferences group:   

Y.E.S. Conferences FB Banner

Donations are appreciated, but not required.  The new paradigm will be one of Grace & Ease, collaboration & cooperation, and win/win/win as the only way.  Everyone is welcome to come, and with Bold Faith, provision shows up, right?  There is a Donate button below (note: ‘YES’), or PayPal with Charla@CharlaAShow.com.  Cash, checks & cards will be welcome at the door. 
  Y.E.S. Conference includes:  Learning Sessions; Healing Opportunities; Resources; Community; Friends; YES Surprises; Hotel transportation to and from DFW airport.  And did I mention FUN?  DID I MENTION SURPRISES???

♥ YES, donations are happily accepted!♥


When Intriguing Opportunities Present Themselves, SAY Y.E.S.!!!

Join our Y.E.S Team for a time of relaxed FUN, Connection, Community, Learning, Love.  We are committed to raising the energy of the world with a message of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and acceptance of WHO we are, where we are.  Everyone is welcome, male, female, teen.  Wear your comfy clothes.

Our Vision:  To inspire individuals, communities and the world to work together to bring peace, healing, and love to every part of our planet.

Our YES Theme Song:

Gratefully used with permission from Barbara McAfee.

YES sung by Barbara McAfee

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