Charla’s Team

These Are A Few Of My Favorite People!


Inspired, Fun, Committed, Tireless…  Beautiful Souls.


Truly a gentle soul, loyal and very wise.  A treasured friend and trusted advisor.

Mary Beth Lord profileMary Beth is one of the Y.E.S. Ladies who traveled to China to meet with the Red Dragon Family with Charla, Lucy and some others in Feb ‘15. She is passionate about loving her family, especially her five beautiful granddaughters. Her belief, from a very young age, was that there was so much more to this world than most could see or believe. Her spiritual journey has led her to her work as a Reiki Master and to focusing on healing our world through positive thoughts and energy. Her mission is to help awaken souls so all can unite through peace and love to bring our world into the new paradigm. Her vision is a world of love where children can live happy, safe, healthy and spiritually-connected lives.  Email Mary Beth at

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The epitome of Love with skin on. Everybody LOVES Lucy!!!

Lucy Pichardo profileLucy is a daughter, mom, hairdresser…  “There are many things that I can define myself as, and the one thing that I Love the most is Being Human!!  Being Human is the most Amazing adventure I can experience in this great Amazing World!!!”  Email Lucy at

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Multi-talented and generous.  Creative, passionate and dedicated.  Creator of my logos, and much of this website wouldn’t be here without Melody.

Melody Tune profileI have changed my career 3 times throughout my life and was very successful in all three careers. I’ve always followed my passion and live every day with purpose after surviving 3 horrific accidents. I have worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies and I am currently an independent digital marketing strategist and Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. I help develop proven marketing strategies to incorporate into websites or blogs and I teach individuals to build audiences using social media. I provide ideas and strategies on how to market what you are passionate about, and I also motivate individuals to become more successful with Ziglar’s proven programs which create balance and True Performance in all aspects of your life.  Contact Melody at

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When the Divine connects people, and they really ‘Connect’, magic happens.  I’m so blessed to have the commitment and expertise of Robyn on my team.

Robin McClendonRobyn McClendon has more than 20 years experience in administrative, project management and event coordination. She planned, coordinated and organized for professional, diplomatic, political and charitable fundraising events such as the ABA and the White House Presidential activities. She presented and monitored legislative agendas: organized community outreach programs and constituents services. Additionally, in her role as Executive Assistant to a D.C. Council Member she developed liaison relationships between city officials, the business community and constituents. Identified and encouraged support from the local business community for community oriented fund-raising agendas.

Ms. McClendon as apart of her fund-raising activities directed and scheduled individuals, celebrities and public personalities for activities such as the Warwick Foundations Aids Benefit and D.C. Council member’s and Mayoral candidates election fund-raising campaigns.

As part of her responsibilities as adjunct professor at the Corcoran School of Art and the Smithsonian’s Resident Associate Program, she designed and implemented course curriculums in the BFA degree program.

Her design experience has won notable commissions: these include creating a distinctive award for Dr. Dorothy Irene Height’s “Uncommon Height” Project which celebrated those who through their outstanding contributions has contributed to this country’s advancement. Previous recipients have been Oprah, Dr. Maya Angelou, Vanessa Williams and Vernon Jordan, to name a few. Additionally, She has designed for Essence Communications, Ikea, Target, and UNICEF.

Ms. McClendon continues to work with individuals to help them create businesses and projects that incorporate their ideas, goals and dreams through personal Creativity Coaching, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars. Her on-line presence is at Your Creativity Coach.

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