I LOVE to share things that I come across that I Believe in and LOVE:  My Sponsors~those Wonderful folks that help make this Site, The CharlaAwakened Show and the Y.E.S. Conferences possible; My Affiliates~those things that I Love; Charla’s Charities~those special Service organizations closest to my heart; Charla’s Faves~those local Fort Worth/Dallas area friends, businesses & finds I love to share.  Watch Charla’s Choices page for mentions!

CharlaAwakened ~ For Such A Time As This!  Encouraging each other in our ever-changing world with Truth, Hope, Joy & Unconditional Love!  Listen and learn how to navigate this unsteady world, and work together towards the Peace and Freedom we all yearn for.  Archives of conversations with some amazing people are on CharlaAwakened page.  My YouTube and Charla’s Chatter blog are filled with intriguing conversations about what’s truly happening and how it affects our emotions and daily lives, along with practical life solutions.   Join me on this amazing journey through life.

My only experience is life experience….. & a LOT of it!!!  No one gets to this decade of life without a plethora of stories that can leave us bitter or better, worse or wiser!  Be delighted!  Be surprised!  Be taught!  Be touched!  Be engaged!  We are all in this world together.  Let’s join in conversations without judgement, with an open heart, with Unconditional Love, Charla’s Journey’s & Practical Living.  EnJOY my blogs & Be Blessed!

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