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Who is CharlaA anyway?

Charla Anderson

I am Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, Fit, Fabulous so Join me on this journey through the Sweet Spot of Life!

JOY is my lifestyle, Wellness is my passion, Encouragement is my gift…to You!

Follow me as I share my story and life experiences to help you get to the sweet spot of your life. I want you to embrace life and live it to the fullest. I have lifted myself from despair and misery and I know you can too. My purpose is to fill you with the inspiration and motivation that will move you to find the JOY that you deserve.

My only experience is life experience….. & a LOT of it!!! No one gets to this decade of life without a plethora of stories that can leave us bitter or better, worse or wiser!

I CHOOSE Better! I CHOOSE JOY! Attitude is a Choice.

What I know:

As a 34 year award-winning (retired) flight attendant, international coordinator, working max hours, millions of people, commuter, Olympic Torch bearer, mother of a blended 3 + 3, wife (a couple of times), volunteer, mission tripper, church involved, neighborhood pool party mom, personal development junkie, world traveler, home-based businesses, entrepreneur, loss of parents, lots of friends, and some wonderfully crazy sisters, I have it all figured out, finally. Really!

Charla in the engine

Charla’s Delta Retirement Flight in Amsterdam July 2008

This is what I call the “normal Chaos of life”, and everyone has their own version of it, right? Don’t you? When I hear that “it’s never too late”, it just doesn’t ring true to me. Yes, I am reinventing myself and committed to living a life of “intentional significance” full of JOY as I embrace this “Sweet Spot of Life”.

Yet there will come a day when I’ll be dancing in Heaven with the Angels, and my opportunities here on earth will end. I invite you to embrace your life wherever you are right now, because where else can you start?

CharlaAwakened Show

JOY is my lifestyle, Wellness is my passion, Encouragement is my gift…to YOU!  Where we are Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, Fit, Fabulous, & FUN! 

CharlaA Show:  Encouraging each other in our ever-changing world with Truth, Hope, Joy & Love!  Listen and learn how to navigate this unsteady world, and work together towards the Peace and Freedom for which we all yearn, with an abundance of Love and support.  My Show is filled with intriguing conversations about what’s truly happening and how it affects our emotions and daily lives, along with practical solutions.  My mission is to help Awaken our family, friends & communities as the world shifts, and gently Love each other through the changes, without judgement, without strings, just unconditional Love and support.

CharlaA & Carlene Clark of Providence Lane Media, LLC, Charlotte Posa of

CharlaA & Carlene Clark of Providence Lane Media, LLC, Charlotte Posa of

The Beginning:  After being interviewed on a radio program, I immediately jumped in with both feet, launching my own show in Sept 2013.  Since my name “Charla” means “chat” in Spanish, and “JOY” in Greek, I just started talking, and encouraging, learning and growing. It’s been a blast! This unique platform will be a personal growth evolution as we learn together what is truly important to live a satisfied life filled with joy, fun, laughter, passion, miracles, and Zeal for life.

CharlaA & Melody Tune

CharlaA & Melody Tune of at RadioStar

The Future:  September 2014 ended my first year as a Radio Show Host at Fishbowl Radio on The CharlaA Show, where I had great conversations with some amazing people!  Transitioning to a beautiful studio in Scottsdale, AZ, StarWorldwide Networks, in Oct 2014, the CharlaA Show continued to bring great friends and guests to the airwaves.  In March 2015, my vision changed and the Show re-launched as The CharlaAwakened Show ~ For Such A Time As This!  In February 2016, it was time to step back from paid programming and take a sabbatical to refine, redefine and adjust to new platforms, especially with video.   My passion is to continue sharing encouragement and hope within our own lives and communities, to BE the ones we’ve been waiting for, by ‘loving our neighbors as ourselves’.  May our time together encourage and bless you, and fill you with JOY and Hope, and Intentional Significance.  Thank you for joining me on this amazing Ride For Life!  New seasons, new challenges, new friends, new Blessings!  Please continue to reach out to me.  How can we collaborate and cooperate to leave this world a better place?

 If you or anyone you know wants to join me on this journey by becoming a partner or Sponsor, please contact Charla at

My Dream, posted April 2010, after saying it for several years:

A bit more Herstory?

I was born in Houston, Texas in 1953, the 3rd of 4 girls.  My parents divorced when I was 6 years old, and raised by my wonderful, hard working single Mother and two older sisters, until she remarried at age 13, adding some difficulties during my teen years.



My first job was as a gift-wrapper and retail at Weiner’s Dept Store, for 2 years.  I then worked Summers at Houston Lighting & Power as a receptionist in the (very cold & very large) computer room.  After graduating from Spring Branch High School in 1972 where I was involved in Drama, Band, Spirit Leader, and got the ‘Best Dressed’ award (thankfully, because my Mom worked in the fabric & ladies dept at Palais Royal in Meyerland for 21 yrs), I lived on campus for one year at University of Houston, working at Steak & Ale as a greeter.

Spring Branch Bears Kodiak Bear

Spring Branch Bears Kodiak Bear

I got my first apartment and worked as the leasing agent and social director of the single’s building.  What a blast!  Some Delta stewardesses’ lived there, and I began my 34 year career as a Delta flight attendant in Sept ’74, moving to Chicago for my first year.  It was a wonderful city and a great time being so far from home, and VERY cold for this Houston girl!

There was this guy from the apartments that flew to Atlanta for my graduation from Flt Att training, and we commuted between Chicago and Houston, until I was finally able to transfer back to Houston two weeks before our wedding in Oct ’75.

Three beautiful children and 18 years later, we divorced, and I remarried in ’94, accepting 3 more beautiful children into my life.


My Children Dec '14

My Children Dec ’14

In Aug 2008, I retired from the absolute best job in the world for me, because commuting from DFW to Atlanta was extremely challenging.  My beautiful children were out of school, one off to the Marines, my parents both passed on (my Dad just 2 weeks after my retirement at 92), leaving my identity a bit lost.  Who I had been was a Mother & a Flight Attendant.  From being a very busy involved Mom, traveling, juggling a crazy life, I entered the world of networking, which I didn’t even know existed.  After 19 years, divorced again.   Living in a loft in downtown Fort Worth was a dream come true.

Some very transformational moments happened in March ’07 and Dec ’13.  My Spiritual growth is punctuated by those two moments.  One, a split second shift from bitterness to Joy, and the other, that I have been given all I need to be all I am called to be, that I don’t have to strive hard, just BE.  Miracle connections, new friends, slowly waking up to the truth about our history, claiming my voice and power, recognizing my value, having Bold Faith, understanding Forgiveness and unconditional Love, that all my needs are met…..

In this decade of my 60’s, I live in complete peace.  Is everything perfect?  Not at all.  Is it OK?  Absolutely.  I am open to all possibilities, and truly live in the moment….. When intriguing opportunities present themselves, I say YES, and amazing things keep showing up.  Transformation to a world of unconditional Love, without judgement, cooperation not competition, Peace, acceptance, and so much more, begins with living in a state of constant Gratitude, and requires Forgiveness (mostly, forgiving ourselves for forgetting that we are powerful beyond measure and can do All Things).

Becoming Ziglar Legacy Certified has added an extraordinary credential to my extensive life experience, and I am humbled to be among the first 100 to receive it.  My story is still being written, and the journey continues.  This twitter version of my life is only the skeleton.  I am here to make a difference in your life.  I am here to encourage you.  I am here to remind you WHO YOU ARE, which is perfect exactly as you are.  There is NOTHING you can do to be loved more, or less by God.  Where you are right this moment is all you have, and the only place you have to start from, right?  Every second you make choices.  If you want something different, then make a different choice right now!  Or now.  Or now…..  YOU get to choose.  Choose Joy.  Choose well.  Be Blessed.  I’m here to listen.  Please tell me your story.

My little home

My little home


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