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Lauren Midgley, Productivity Specialist, Author of 3 books, Speaker, Coach, and amazing friend! 

LISTEN to the AUDIO:  CharlaAwakened 2016-1-14 Lauren Midgley, Productivity Specialist


CharlaA & Lauren Midgley


Dec 3rd,  Dr. John Sklar, Chronic Pain Specialist, using Spirit/Mind/Body.

LISTEN TO AUDIO:  CharlaAwakened 2015-12-03 Dr John Sklar, Chronic Pain Specialist 


CharlaAwakened Show…For Such A Time As This!

CharlaA Show:  Encouraging each other in our ever-changing world with Truth, Hope, Joy & Love!  Listen and learn how to navigate this unsteady world, and work together towards the Peace and Freedom for which we all yearn, with an abundance of Love and support.  My Show is filled with intriguing conversations about what’s truly happening and how it affects our emotions and daily lives, along with practical solutions.  My mission is to help Awaken our family, friends & communities as the world shifts, and gently Love each other through the changes, without judgement, without strings, just unconditional Love and support.

CharlaA & Carlene Clark of Providence Lane Media, LLC, Charlotte Posa of

CharlaA & Carlene Clark of Providence Lane Media, LLC, Charlotte Posa of

The Beginning:  After being interviewed on a radio program, I immediately jumped in with both feet, launching my own show in Sept 2013.  Since my name “Charla” means “chat” in Spanish, and “JOY” in Greek, I just started talking, and encouraging, learning and growing. It’s been a blast! This unique platform will be a personal growth evolution as we learn together what is truly important to live a satisfied life filled with joy, fun, laughter, passion, miracles, and Zeal for life. 

CharlaA & Melody Tune, ZLC of Design Wrx

CharlaA & Melody Tune, ZLC of Design Wrx


The Future:  September 2014 ended my first year as a Radio Show Host at Fishbowl Radio on The CharlaA Show, where I had great conversations with some amazing people!  Transitioning to a beautiful studio in Scottsdale, AZ, StarWorldwide Networks, in Oct 2014, the CharlaA Show continued to bring great friends and guests to the airwaves.  In March 2015, my vision changed and the Show re-launched as The CharlaAwakened Show ~ For Such A Time As This!  In February 2016, it was time to step back from paid programming and take a sabbatical to refine, redefine and adjust to new platforms, especially with video.  


My passion is to continue sharing encouragement and hope within our own lives and communities, to BE the ones we’ve been waiting for, by ‘loving our neighbors as ourselves’.  May our time together encourage and bless you, and fill you with JOY and Hope, and Intentional Significance.  Thank you for joining me on this amazing Ride For Life!  New seasons, new challenges, new friends, new Blessings!  Please continue to reach out to me.  How can we collaborate and cooperate to leave this world a better place?

Guest info:

If your Message is about Awakening those around us, gently Loving people through the changes, and resources to help us all Love our world, contact me at to schedule an interview.

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If you or anyone you know wants to join me on this journey by becoming a Partner and Sponsor, please contact me at

The CharlaA Show shifts to CharlaAwakened...

Charla Anderson is now a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, ZLC.

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CharlaAwakened 2015-03-19 Bob Beaudine, Melody Tune

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I was Inspired to change the name of my show to CharlaAwakened ~ For Such A Time As This!

CharlaA Show 2015-03-05 My Personal Journey

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CharlaA & Angel Black

CharlaA & Angel Black Interviewed me about ZEAL Wellness.  I Jumped In to Fishbowl Radio with my own show two weeks later.  Divine!


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