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“What’s your favorite candy bar?” That’s a question I occasionally began asking the check-out clerks when I went grocery shopping. Then, “May I give you a hug?” Paying it forward to those truly needing a blessing are the ones behind the cash register, the person in front of you, not so much the ones buying gourmet coffee behind you.  

In loving the next person we meet, and giving them a kind word, a smile, a nice touch on the shoulder or even a hug, we begin brightening the energy around us. It truly doesn’t take much to make a difference!

You may not be able to change THE world, but you CAN change YOUR world. Today!  What if all it takes is Candy Bar Hugs?

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Candy Bar Hugs – “It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference!”

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  1. E-Commerce
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‘ProCurrency’ or ‘ProC’ is expected to be the 3rd e-currency to be able to be traded for US Dollars in Dec ’17.  That’s HUGE, Folks! 



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LISTEN TO CharlaAwakened Show with ZEAL Ambassador Lori Jarvis:  CharlaAwakened 2015-11-05 ZEAL Ambassador Lori Jarvis


The #1 book I recommend: The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz


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DEBT ELIMINATION!  Legally dispose of unsecured debt!  I did and it works!  Address the fraud of the ‘System’, not the debt.    

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La Verite' Debt Elimination

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Smart Pins:  Do You Know Where Your Eyeglasses Are?   ~Cathy

Here’s my silly Smart Pin Video from 2010.  Order by sending me an email with “Smart Pin Order” in the subject line to  $20 including tax.  (Use phone number: 888-788-4153)  Cash or Check, too.

YOUR Choices:  2018 Smart Pin

Smart Pins make the MOST PRACTICAL gifts!  No dusting required, lol.

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  • Beasley College Prep:  Funds For College. ~Audra
  • Ja’Neen Saffle:  My Business Advisor, Specializing in Social Purpose
  • DesignWrx:  Learn how to blog and bring attention to your blog. ~Melody Tune
  • Grid365:  My website hosting folks.

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  • Toni Allison, Small Business Adviser, incl. Business Plans:
  • Kinney’s Automotive, Ask for JOE.  The BEST Auto Repair near DFW, in Bedford, TX:
  • Downtown Garage, Ask for CHRIS.  The BEST Auto Repair near downtown Fort Worth!  @DowntownGarage 

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