Imagine you are on a 10 hour flight, center seat, no reading light…

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Be prepared.  Take a “COMFORT BAG”:

Imagine that you are in the center seat of 5, can’t see the movie screen, your reading light is burned out, it is freezing, or hot, everyone else is asleep, you are thirsty and you haven’t been able to catch the flight attendants eye in the dark cabin…… your worst nightmareBe prepared. Other than the inevitable trip to the lav, be prepared.

•    Your own small pillow.
•    A Pashmina (shawl) for a blanket, doubles as a spare wrap for the trip.
•    Sweater.
•    Ear plugs.
•    Eye Mask.
•    Personal cup or bottle (Empty thru security).
•    Perhaps an iPod, for personal listening.
•    Reading light.
•    Books/reading material.
•    Socks, or booties.  >>>See PPS below!
•    Paper and pen.  >>>See PS below!
•    Snacks.
•    Lotion.
•    Toothbrush/paste.
•    Cough drops or mints.
•    Afrin or nose spray in case of blocked ears.
•    Tylenol, aspirin, etc. in case of headache.
•    Plastic bags in case the barf bag is missing or used ;~}, or for trash, etc.
•    Benadryl? In case you can’t sleep?
•    Battery powered fan?
•    Small packets of Salt to put under your tongue in case of leg cramps.
•    Small packets of Pepper to add to Bloody Mary’s.

Create your nest.

It looks like a lot, but not really. Most items are very small. Could be a lifesaver. Remember, flight attendants are not your mother, or nurse.

>>>  Gentlemen, ALWAYS have a writing instrument handy. You too ladies.  There are forms to fill out, notes to jot, numbers to share, dreams and ideas to capture… BRING A PEN!!!  (Small notepad, too.)

>>> NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER go to the lavatory in your bare feet. NEVER!

>>> Please clean up your seating area prior to deplaning, especially the seat pockets. Bag your trash. Be considerate of others… Somebody has to clean up. Besides, you will find that lost cell phone, pen, ticket, sweater, etc. and save yourself lots of stress.


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