I can think of no higher honor than to know that You were impacted or encouraged by my words, hugs or actions. It would be a privilege  to hear from you.

What has been YOUR experience of knowing Charla?

You may offer just your initials and State, or your full name and State.  Your choice.  If you provide a photo, it may be included as well, with your permission.  Just send it to me in an email.  I’m happy to include your website &/or email if it would be to your advantage to promote your business.  win/win/win, right?   I may choose to do fine tune editing if necessary.

The law of ‘diminishing intent’ may occur, lol, meaning unless we take quick action, the good intentions we have begin to diminish and ultimately disappear over the next 24-48 hours, as we’ve all experienced, so just do it now, if you are so inclined ;-}

Please email your YEStimonies to

Rhonda W, Fort Worth, TX:

“While I was at work one afternoon, I met Charla when she came through my line to check out. In an instant I looked into her eyes and knew she could see into my soul, we started talking and she had such a warm nature to her, meaning I felt like I have known her a long time. For some reason and I don’t know why, I opened up to her about my little girl that passed away tragically and I asked her for her card in hopes that she can help me overcome a lot of insecurities and hurt I bear. She gave me the card, and I was excited because I knew our meeting was a Divine appointment from God. Since then, I have been promoted at work and always so extremely tired but I certainly want to reach out to Charla and spend some time with her. I will never forget the hug I received from her that day… I felt at peace, I felt loved and I truly felt it was God hugging me and he was using Charla to do so… chance meeting???   I think not…  I believe God works through people to reach out to others… and I believe this happened the day I met Charla… Thank You Charla!!!”

CRW, Wisconsin:

I wanted to thank you for your incredible enthusiasm regarding the program we are all involved with! I think your enthusiasm is contagious- as I also get very excited when I read your emails or look online for anything regarding the iPRO Coin. We are on the verge of huge changes in the world of finance and money. It is a daunting task to attempt to explain the whole “crypto currency ” concept to those unwilling to step out of their preconceived notions of what money is and what it means for them personally and for humanity. I can’t wait for this to take off! I love that the value has held pretty steady between $.19 and $.26…. once this really takes off I can’t wait to see where it takes us!


My partner & I both hold you In high regard. Your sunshine and amazing light really does shine out there for all to see. I remember back a bit in time when she met you at a workshop and she couldn’t wait to tell me about your amazing light and energy! I think she called me and we talked during her entire 2 hour drive back home. It’s not often when we meet someone who just SHINES FROM WITHIN. I’m so glad that you brought this iPRO opportunity to us. It’s an amazing opportunity! I thank you for sharing it with us!!


Sending love, light and blessings to you! Please don’t give up on the awesome emails!!! I love them, and look forward to them! They are very informative!!

Barb S, Rhome, TX:

FB Message:  Hi Charla! I am interested in your Zurvita! I love your positive energy and believe you are on to something! I saw your podcasts someone else mentioned, so we dont know one another yet! My daughter and I are working on positivity and when we saw your video, your message resonated with us!

Christi S, DFW:

LinkedIn message:  Charla, I would absolutely love to meet you! I am finding that there are more dynamic women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area then I ever knew. I don’t have a specific agenda other than to meet with you and be with your awesome energy. I want to find out what I might be able to help you help other women and perhaps you could help me in helping other women. Are you open to a quick conversation about a time to get together for a coffee or after work? Humbly yours, Christi.

K M, Nevada:

No one else I know has a heart as big, or a light as bright, as that of Charla Anderson!  I am certain that when you look up the word Love in the dictionary her picture will be front and center!  Charla radiates Love, Light and Beauty from head to toe even while traversing adversity.  For Charla, Love IS all there is, and she finds every opportunity to say YES to loving everyone she meets in order to shine God’s Love and Light into their heart and life.  Charla leads by example and inspires people to action, reminding us of the great power we have as spiritual beings to uplift another person with something as simple as a smile, a hug, a kind word …. simple, yet emotionally powerful to those who rarely receive these moments of connection.

I am proud to call Charla “friend” and “soul-sister” and am inspired by her every day in her desire to be, as well as lead others to be, the change we have all been waiting for!

Say ‘YES’ to Charla and her profound insights; transform yourself and the world with LOVE !

For those of us who love YOU the way you love others it is our delight to let you know how special you are to us and what you mean to the world.

Kathy W, Fort Worth, TX:

Because of two things I heard you say over the past few years, I got involved in something that was so outside of the box for me. Your words (summed up), say “yes” and you already have in your life the people with the education, the contacts, and the resources to help you accomplish that which you want to do. You were right!  <3

Ron Fenn, Salt Lake City, UT:

I have known Charla since 2014. I am very happy to become acquainted with and follow her. Charla is a very intelligent, kind, caring and thoughtful woman. I really enjoy listening to her, her program content and her guests. She has me forever!!!

Claudene LeClerc, Haida Guaii, B.C. Canada:

So enjoyed Charla’s “YES Conference” !

Magnificent is the word I use to describe Her !

Van J, CA:

I must say about who I call “my sister” Charla.  She is unassuming.  Behind her blonde hair and beauty, she is very intuitive.  Do not underestimate Charla.  She has the most incredible hugs and great positive energy that can heal if you allow it.  My great friend Charla.  Love, Van  CA

Jim & Pat S, KY:

Charla…your radio offerings are always delightful.. encouraging and informative on a myriad of topics! Your preparation puts your guests at ease and enables the listener to truly benefit from the information…your enthusiasm is catching and one feels better after the listening experience.

We purchased the debt elimination in July and the debt appears to have disappeared…. thank you for your insight…

Helen G, UT:

Charla definitely has a gift for chat!   I find her blogs and radios shows have been uplifting and inspiring!  I have enjoyed all the variety of important information she has brought forth.

I love her  positive and bright spirit!

Keith Long, OK:

Charla’s content and knowledge with what she has shared is very helpful and informative. We still have to ultimately make our on decisions, but she delivers good content to help us along the path. I really appreciate Charla and what she does.

Sincerely, Keith Long, OK

Published Author and Business Development Professional

J C, AZ:

A delightful radio host and informative voice of debt elimination that brings freedom and release from illegal debt enslavement so many people are caught up in. She is honest and open in the many topics covered on her shows. Thanks, Charla, for your willingness to tackle difficult subjects and bring truth to your listeners.

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